Christmas Drive In

I love Christmas, I'm so excited to go home and see the fam. So I've been thinking lately about Christmas movies I must watch every year during this holiday season. So here is my top ten list.

10. Elf 
" The best way to spread Christmas cheer is singing loud for all to hear."
Bob Newhart, Ed Asner, Zooey Deschanel, and Will Farrell. Although this movie is more recent, it is still a keeper.

9. Home Alone
"I made my family disappear!"
Some films just have those classic moments that people remember forever and ever. Home Alone is one of those films. The scream that sold a thousand copies (or more...)

8. Mickey's Christmas Carol
" God Bless us, everyone."
Jiminey Cricket plays the ghost of Christmas past. He always makes me happy. The only cricket I've ever liked. I think I love this version so much because of the mini film we watched before where Donald Duck got in an epic snow battle with his nephews.

7. Its A Wonderful Life
"My mouth's bleedin'!"
Okay, I know it isn't really a Christmas movie, but come on people, its Jimmy Stewart. Plus it is such a beautiful film

6. Mr. Kruger's Christmas
"You're my best friend."
Jimmy Stewart, Motab. Seriously.

5. Miracle on 34th Street
"I believe... I believe... it's silly but I believe."
I must make this VERY clear, I do not like the new version of this film. You must only watch the old one with little Natalie Wood.

4. A Muppet Christmas Carol
"It's true, wherever you find love, it feels like Christmas."
Except for the stupid song that Scrooge's fiancée sings, this film is so excellent, and I won't lie, it makes me cry a little bit.

3. A Charlie Brown Christmas
"I can tell you what Christmas is all about Charlie Brown."
This film certainly has one of the greatest soundtracks of all time. The classic Vince Guaraldi piano music is so excellent. Also, who doesn't love Linus reciting Luke II and the little Charlie Brown tree.

2. White Christmas
"It must be beautiful in Vermont this time of year, all that snow..."
I won't lie, part of the reason I applied to VLS was because of this film. Of course my mother and sister have quoted that line to me endlessly, and today, when it finally snowed for the first time, that was what came to my mind. Furthermore, this film also makes me cry, and laugh, and marvel that a woman as tiny as Vera Ellen could have such a low voice. I don't know, its impressive is all I'm saying.

1. A Christmas Story
" It... it was... SOAP POISONING!"
Where to even begin? This was such a classic in the Reynolds household, and still is. Any movie that makes my dad laugh as hard as this one does is a definite keeper. From the Scut Farkus affair to Lifebuoy Soap, to the classic line of , "you'll shoot your eye out!" There is just no end to the greatness that is this film.

Those are my ten. There are many other films I watch, or used to watch at Christmas. Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer deserves an honorable mention, although its been a few years since I've been able to see it. "Why am I such a misfit, I am not such a nit wit." They don't write songs like that anymore. The Garfield Christmas movie also deserves honorable mention, because we used to watch it in my youth and I loved it, and it doesn't seem to ever be on television anymore.

What Christmas films do you love?


dances alone said…
Oh Lindsey. this is wonderful. I love them all! I just bought Mickey's Christmas carol because it had been years since I'd seen it but I love it so. I think you nailed all the best, though I havent' seen your number one. We always watch While you were sleeping, not that that's christmas exactly, but it is to me...when the paperboy falls on his bike at least. can we watch white christmas please?
oh, and thank you for your advice about the music. Please don't think I am ignoring you because I have failed to change anything. I'm just really lazy. But one day, I feel pretty positive about it getting done. one day.
Anonymous said…
Um, Dylan McDermont is hot. Just sayin. Maybe you should give the new "Miracle" another chance.
Chelsea said…
I sometimes think I need to re work my list from whenever-ago. I didn't do much weeding out and I have realized that there really aren't that many Christmas movies I *must watch* anymore.
I've caught bits and pieces of Home Alone on TV this year and it doesn't have the same magic for me anymore... Maybe I just wasn't in the mood for it at the time. Maybe I am getting too old for it and my taste is changing. I don't know... Right now it's sounding kind of good though.
Renny said…
I don't want to give the new "Miracle" a chance. I'm holding my grudge against it.
Chelm, every time I watch that movie now I think of you and how much you said you loved it. I don't know that I still even watch it every Christmas, cause it was hit or miss growing up. Every time I did watch it though I enjoyed it a lot.
Chelsea said…
Haha. That was me who told you to give it another chance. I was just kidding though. But you probably knew it was me since I opened with an "Um". But it may have thrown you off that I called D.M. hot. All part of the plan.
Renny said…
Actually what really threw me off was you commenting with your name right after it. Not that you can't do that, and not that you haven't done that before so I don't know why I was confused. But when I first read the anonymous comment I was laughing and thinking, "oh man, that was Chelsea." Then when you commented later I was like, "maybe it wasn't, maybe it was Alicia..."
The spacing of the comments.
Gold. Pure genius.
Kristin Lowe said…
Elf--I hate that movie! :)
Renny said…
remember how Gordon B. Hinckley's grandson is in it?

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