Falling Slowly

Guys... I think I'm falling in love with where I live...

I love that life moves at a slow pace and that everyone knows everyone.

I love that I can stand on a corner in town and take a picture of the entire place.

I love that dogs in stores are a common occurence.

I love that there are little towns all over the place that look like this.

I love that there is a river in my backyard.

I love that I live in the land of Ben and Jerry's (Vermont's finest.)

I love that I live in the land of maple syrup.

I love that I live like five minutes away from the place where the prophet Joseph Smith was born.

I love that I can drive twenty minutes and be in a different state.

I love that the movie theatre I went to on Friday to watch "The Time Traveler's Wife" (amazing by the way, I may have to blog about it) was nonprofit.

I love that when I was driving back from Concord today I saw hints and traces of fall. Bits of gold, traces of red.... it was so exciting.

I love that Trent's law school has a fake liberty bell.

I've been longing for my Walden Pond and I've found it.

I don't love that I still don't have a kitchen.

Law School is time consuming and tiring, but I love it.

I am in love. I am never stressed, not like I used to be. Everything is beautiful. I do miss wide open spaces, big blue skies, warm sun, the smell of citrus trees, and wide roads where I can see what is coming... but I get to go home for three weeks at Christmas. 

Life is good.


trentathon said…
My city has a fake liberty bell, not my law school.
Brian & Kyla said…
I'm so glad to hear you're doing so well! You're tempting to come visit this fall... do you think Brian would notice if I was gone for a couple of days?
dances alone said…
I love it! It's so good to hear from you and to hear that things are going well. I want to come see you, and your little city
Docface said…
Wow! A non-profit movie theater. That has to be a first. Do tell me about the movie! I love the photos!
Ande Payne said…
I think I'm falling in love with your town (and life) too.
Renny said…
Aha, sorry Trent. City, school... whatever...
Kyla, come visit! Brian probably is too busy with school :)

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