A Moment With Henry: There's More To Living Than Being Alive

I've had sort of a dilemma about what to make my Chanson de Semaine for this week. See, I was originally intending on making it "Weightless" by All Time Low, but then, for some inexplicable reason Nate removed it from his song of the day playlist, and apparently, that was the only edited version on playlist.com. So I considered another All Time Low song from their new album, I debated over some OneRepublic. I thought maybe I should do one of my life affirming empowerment songs since I had such a good weekend. So you know, maybe some "Don't Stop" by Fleetwood Mac, "Don't Stop Believing" by Journey (there is no stopping here folks), "Stand Up Sydney White" by Melee, "Audrey, Start the Revolution,"by Anberlin, or refer you back to "Alexythemia" by Anberlin, which is still so applicable now, hence the title of this post (what can I say? They're amazing.)
I could wax philosophical with some Sherwood, or play something a little tongue in cheek, preferrably by Razorlight. Or I could get all reminiscient and play mae, and then never be able to listen to music on my blog again without breaking down into tears or having my heart implode, which, it would seem, my heart wants to do everytime it hears a mae song lately.
Thus, here I am, Philadelphia Freedom at the top of my list. I had all these great thoughts on my lunch break, about life, and how I really ought to not let people get to me, but just remember I was having a good weekend and I want to continue in that vein and we can just pretend the nervous breakdown I had at work never happened.
I mean honestly, how many people get to even go to law school? How many people even get to get their Bachelor's? Look at that old man that works at Smiths, do you think this is his dream job? Yet he always smiles at you when you leave the store, probably just grateful he has work, and who knows what story his life would tell? Why am I acting the very way I'd like to call other people out on, like their life is so horrible when it really isn't, so why do they have to be so manic and bipolar in their relationship with me, do they really want me to die of a broken heart?... but I digress.
I wish I had brought my camera with me to work today. I sat out on the lawn by the Protab and lay on the grass (I told myself I had to get over my aversion to laying on bugs, just like I need to get over my aversion to smelling like grass. Nature and I really need to work out our issues.) I was just staring up into the trees listening to some sweet jams, and loving the way the sunlight trickled through the trees, and the way the leaves seemed like they were being moved by the voice of God trying to send me the answer, but for some reason I refuse to listen. Then I watched the guy napping on the lawn and wondered if he were homeless, or if he just felt homeless like I do.
I thought I settled on "Can't Hold On" by Melee, but when I got back to the office it turns out that that song isn't on playlist.com, and so I thought I'd just wait until I got home to upload it, but as time passes I'm just not sure if that is the song I really want.
I'm currently listening to Pete Yorn. So maybe he will show up momentarily. I feel undefined. Now that my break is over I need to get back to work related incidents.

addendum: I decided on Built to Last because this song makes me happy.


Anonymous said…
Maybe the man at Smith's is a Rocket Scientist who has retired from the difficult brain work of his old profession and is now enjoying the simple life while living on his incredible retirement. Or may be he is in the witness protection program and no one really knows his secret other life.
This is from your mom. Your identity thing wouldn't recognize me.
Heidi said…
My vote would have been for Buddha's Delight from a particular favorite movie of mine. It pretty much sums up life and answers all of life's questions. And I quote:
"Entering Bootytown
So shake that booty now
'Cause your booty is the way into his heart"
See what I mean? Too bad I am too late...but there's always next week, eh?
Renny said…
Haha, Heidi, I like that you suggest Buddha's Delight and then quote Entering Bootytown.
Such quality music. :)
Heidi said…
Oh geez...how embarrassing. I didn't even mean to do that. I guess the songs are so great that I just constantly have all the lyrics flowing through my head. I guess
I can't control what comes out.
dances alone said…
that was very beautiful.

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