Must Be Funny, In a Rich Man's World

I really have consigned myself to the fact that I will never be rich (unless I marry a dentist.) I'm okay with that, as long as I have enough to take care of myself and my family, I don't need to be loaded. Its probably best that I'm not rich actually. Lately however, I've noticed that whenever it seems like my bank account is making me feel more comfortable... thats when everything seems to go wrong, or not wrong, but things come up. 
Come September I'm going to have massive spending and debt. Tuition, books, housing, moving... it'll all add up to the most money I've ever spent in my life. As time for that gets closer I try to keep my spending to a minimum, but then...
I've been wait listed at William and Mary, and I feel its important to go there for a visit, talk with the Dean of Admissions, let them know that I'm awesome. Speaking of law school, I've decided to take the LSAT... again. I know, insane right, but the schools I'm waitlisted on said they'd take my highest score, so if I do it again in June that could be the thing that puts me over the edge of someone else when it comes to reconsidering wait listed people. It is, however, another $132 dollars.
Then there are things like the battery for my computer I just bought. Nate did give me a sweet deal on it, and I haven't actually paid for it yet... but still. Then there is the seat deposit I just sent in to Vermont, and the deposit and rent I just spent for the apartment I'm moving into for the summer because, yes folks, I'm staying in Provo for the summer.
I really want to buy a car, and I think with the job I'm going to have for the summer I'm going to need one, so there is another expense, and I don't know if I'm ever actually going to be able to buy one. I really want to go sky diving this spring, but I just don't know if I can swing it. I also never went snowboarding because 1) the gods seriously seemed against it, and 2) at this point I just don't think I can afford it.
Henry seems to be hanging on by a thread. Like a person with a loved one in a vegetative, comatose state, I can't pull the plug even though it might be in his best interest, because I can't afford another Henry, and my heart is sad at the thought of parting with him. But, a few months ago I bought some new headphones for him. They were cheap, and produced a much better sound than my old ones, and they fit my ears better. The right phone has gone out, and that irritates me to no end. I can't afford to buy new ones.
Then, my curling/flat iron that I've had for years just died. I plugged it in one day and turned it on, but it never got hot. After going around for days looking like I let people walk on my hair before I left the house, I finally broke down and bought a new flat iron yesterday.
With all these ridiculous expenses, big or small, there are some things I've let slide quite a bit. Like buying food. Good thing I get paid on Wednesday...

When I left for lunch today, surprise surprise, no sound came out of my headphones. Stupid pieces of junk.
I seriously shouldn't complain though, things could be much much worse for me. I guess I just find it interesting that whenever I start planning a major purchase something seems to make all my money go away. Maybe I'll take your advice Ande, cause my plasma is hot.


Ande Payne said…
When this happens to me...I sell plasma likes its hot.

Good luck! Sorry. That all just sounds annoying.
trentathon said…
Anybody who says money is the root of all evil, doesn't have it! Money can't buy happiness? Look at the smile on my face. Ear to ear, baby. You wanna hear details? I drive a Ferrari 355 cabriolet.
Docface/Wilbur said…
I feel your pain.
The Petersons said…
You need to move back east so we can play!!! Speaking of playing. Let's plan another get together.

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