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With God on Our Side- Straylight Run

In this moment it seems especially fitting that I copy Heidi's Pay it Forward post. I came into work today to find out that one of the men I work with lost his daughter on Friday in an accidental shooting. I didn't know the girl, and I really hardly know the man, but my heart aches for this family that is struggling to comprehend the world they have suddenly been shoved mercilessly into.
I've been thinking a lot lately that the private war we fight in this country is in protecting and caring for all of the children that live here. There are some children that are loved and cared for that have good parents, like myself, and this girl, and probably all of you that read this blog. There are others who do not.  I think that is the crisis we should focus on, protecting others, helping others, from the very beginning, everyone should be able to grow up in a home where they feel loved and safe, and good parents shouldn't have to worry so much about their children's safety when they leave their home.
So, right now, when there is nothing I can really do for this one family in particular, except express here publicly my sorrow at their loss, and state clearly that I know families can be together forever, I want to take Heidi's example of paying it forward. We all need to look outward, and serve others around us, to uplift and to help. Its my small contribution right now, to do something nice for you, and hope that you'll turn around and do the same for someone else. Therefore, the first three people to leave a comment on this blog will receive something from me sometime in this year. You won't know what it is, and you won't know when it's coming, but trust me, you will love it.
Also, this isn't a requirement for paying it forward, but, I ask you, will you find a cause you're passionate about and do something to fight for it? If you do, will you tell me what it is?


Chelsea said…
Salut. I was waiting to give other peeps a chance since I didn't necessarily feel like I deserved something special from you. But they had their chance. In fact, they still have a chance.
Ande Payne said…
I love this post. Its inspiring. Isn't it sadly interesting how we can find inspiration from another's loss? I love the pay it forward idea. In fact...I think I feel a blog coming on! You've also encouraged me to continue looking for a cause. Thank you.

Also...I'm excited about this surprise! I'm also glad I'm the second person to sign up so I don't have to be the thrid person and feel guilty :).
Kristin said…
I saw you and your hotness singing with the stake choir today! Cute dress. How do you feel about a new stake presidency? I'm excited . . . it's time to mix things up.
Renny said…
I feel good about the new stake presidency. Change is good, or completely awful, you know, whatev.

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