I Need to Get Back to Tempe

I'm not saying Arizona doesn't have it's drawbacks like any other state. Yes, Phoenix gets to be 120+ degrees in the summer, yes, Yuma and Globe are ugly, yes, Tucson is the bane of my existence. Seriously though, Arizona is the best state ever.
Out door pools stay open for months, there are citrus trees, smelling so orange-y and fresh. There are blue skys and palm trees and the cost of living is cheaper than California (and lets face it, the people are less annoying... no offense I have family in Cali, and I love them, my mom grew up in Cali and she is amazing, but lets get real people, California as a state is annoying. Or maybe I just think that because my boss is from LA.)
Besides how many states give you this, and this all in one convenient location?
And don't forget about all of these places as well:
Grand Canyon (yeah, does your state have a natural wonder? I didn't think so.)
Plus, Arizona's state flag looks better than yours. Don't deny it, you know its true.
Furthermore, Arizona gives you a feeling unlike any other state. I recall, years ago, when these people got married, we went out on the town a few days later. (We not being myself, Paul, and Chelsea, because that would have been awkward. It was myself, Nate, and Ben Lewis, a friend of Paul's who had come down for the wedding.) We went to the Phoenix Zoo (also awesome) and then shopped in Scottsdale. (Okay, Nate shopped, I encouraged his purchases) ate Chinese food and listened to some live music at Desert Ridge. It was a gloriously perfect day. Ben Lewis, who, really, knows vibes better than anyone else I know said, "I really like Arizona, this place has such a good vibe. The people here are really chill. The atmosphere you know... its just really chill with a great vibe." I couldn't have said it better myself Ben.
What brings on this AZ adulation you ask? Today at work there were some AZ bashers, I couldn't stand for it. I love Arizona, and my family never had a pool.
Arizona is really America's best kept secret if you ask me.


The Petersons said…
Amen to that sister! :)
Docface/Wilbur said…
Well, I like AZ alright, but I have to stay true to my CA roots. Not the politics, which is bad country-wide, but CA does have desert, agriculture, snow, gorgeous mountains, the beach, big cities and Disneyland! There is nothing like spring in the central valley. Come on, really, AZ only has one or two days of spring and you know it. But, mostly what AZ is missing right now is you.
Hmm... I live in Hawaii so it is a hard call haha, but to be quite honest I don't remember anyone talking up Arizona. Good to know good to know. I haven't spent enough time there.
Heidi said…
Hm...I can only wonder if Ben had his yoga pants on while this was going down. I can just picture him saying that...classic Ben.

Also. You are right, my state does not have a natural wonder. Not even close. But, we do have A LOT of rain! So, I guess it is a wonder how I survive being drenched all the time. Does that count?
Chelsea said…
Most people from Arizona seem to like it there. Mesa people seem to want to marry Mesa people and many people stay there and love it. I never understood why you hated Tuscon so much. I don't think I ever will, so you don't need to try to explain it.
Renny said…
Deborah,I demand you get a real blog right now!
Mom, I'm sorry I bashed CA a little and stooped to the level of the folks bashing AZ in my office. I do really like CA actually, I mean, AZ is my home so I love it more, but I don't hate CA.
Rach, AZ is severely lacking in beaches, which is unfortunate.
Heidi, that is impressive, I'm glad you survive! I do really like Oregon, and Idaho. Good work on those states.
Chelm, I'd be perfectly content not living in AZ the rest of my life, I just don't see why some people gotta hate. And I couldn't explain my Tucson disdain even if you wanted me to, there is no real explanation.

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