Back When I Was Younger I Was Someone You'd Have Liked

So, you know that 25 things about me that spread like wildfire on facebook? Well, I sort of copped out on that and didn't really do it. Then, I disabled my facebook account. Therefore, Trent requested I post 25 things about myself here. I agreed, at the risk of sounding a little self interested.
However, I guess the fact that I have two blogs can already make me appear that way... however, I will try to make mine as interesting and as good of a read as Trent's was.

1. I often regret that I didn't make better use of my time during my undergraduate studies by doing a study abroad or taking an ORCA grant or submitting a paper to be published, or even studying more for the LSAT the first time I took it.
2. I have a serious obsession with honey. I can down an entire bottle of it in one sitting if given the chance (don't worry, I try not to eat it straight by itself.) I usually don't buy it because of this. Honey is just so delicious. I even enjoy it in other products, which is basically the main reason I love Burt's Bees so much.
3. I think everyone should watch Mr. Smith Goes to Washington at least once in their life. It's beautiful and moving, and Jimmy Stewart is beautiful in it. Plus, it was the film that made Ronald Reagan decide he wanted to go into politics. Take that for what you will, all I'm saying is, that movie will give you a paradigm shift.
4. Sometimes I think Henry might know me and my moods better than any actual human. This is probably why I'm so attached to him.
5. I was scarred by crafts projects as a child, hence my inability to create things now. I am determined to overcome this however. In March I am starting a new regiment where I will work every day to create something. My projects will range from photography, to writing music, to making a dress, to writing and publishing a book. This projects seem great in scope, but I want to aim for something great to discover what my limits are and how I can push past them.
6. Inefficiency is my nemesis. I can't even stand when people request a stop on the bus when it's a mandatory stop. Why waste that pull? Why spend the time doing that? So inefficient.
7. Not having a car is the bane of my existence. I don't mind walking and riding my bike, but for long distances I just wish I had a car. I love driving, I hate the bus system. This is magnified by those times where I am close enough to see the bus pulling away from the stop, but too far away to run out in front of it to make them stop and let me on.
8.I am very much a girl in that I adore shoes. Not having an outfit that matches a pair I love is never an issue. For example, a few days ago I went to Payless to try and get some ballet flats to match my black slacks and other black items of clothing. I accidentally bought these. (click on link.)
9. I hate to admit this, but usually when someone is giving me their political opinion, even if it is similar to mine, I just think that they don't know what they're talking about. Perhaps this is because I'm in Utah, which is full of people who have no clue what the terms "liberal" and "conservative" mean in politics, its hard to say. I try not to show this, because I do want to foster healthy conversations about politics and what others think is best for our country, but I think it just the same.

10. Speaking of politics, with each passing day I like Barack Obama less and less. Considering the fact that my feelings towards him were passive at best, this isn't a good sign. I hope he never meets me, I'd probably make him cry.

11. I am a
Grace. (Grace is actually a link, click on it.)
12. After much deliberation I have determined I prefer electric guitar to acoustic. This decision wasn't made lightly, because I do love some good acoustic, and sometimes that's all I want. However, overall, there is just something awesome and powerful about the emotions that come with electric. Power chords, that's all I'm saying.
13. I have long been a fan of vintage clothing. I have recently become a fan of vintage jewelry as well. It's a little bit silly since it's all so ridiculously expensive, but just the same, I like it. Coal Umbrella could probably be the death of me if I allowed myself into that vintage clothing heaven more often.

14. I wish all the time were music time.
15. My 20th Century China class changed my entire perspective on life. It was the class that taught me the scope of history and what history actually is. That professor is the one who taught me how to write for history. It's the class that solidified my love and fascination with Asia. When that professor told me I was a good writer, that was one of the best moments of my life.
16. I get seriously frustrated and annoyed with college educated people that can't spell at all. Seriously, does the fact that you were lucky enough to get an education mean nothing to you? Then again, as number nine has probably taught you, I can sometimes be judgmental. I try not to be, but sometimes people misspell the most ridiculous words, it drives me crazy.

17. I hate to try new things, no matter what it is. I automatically assume I will hate it. I only do it because I know its good for me and that usually if I try I'll end up liking whatever it is. However, my initial reaction is always, "I'm going to hate this, please let me go."

18. I am extremely competitive. It's so bad. I've learned to keep myself in check over the past few years, and sometimes I think that people probably don't realize how competitive I'm getting on the inside, even with board games. In high school and previous it was pretty bad. Now I can usually retain my composure and be nice to people. This is still extremely difficult for me to do though, because I just want to win, always. Plus when I do poorly I think people are judging me, just like I'm judging myself.

19. I absolutely love Turner Classic Movies. Not only do they show great films, but they are uncut and commercial free!!! there could be nothing better. I love Robert Osborne.
20.I have sort of a hobby with fragrances. I'm very nitpicky about the way a perfume smells and the time of year I would wear it. I also like trying to mix and match different smells for the best possible outcome. I'd like to create my own perfume, just to see what I would come up with.
21. I love filling things out. Doctor's/dentist's office forms, job applications, random love/relationship quizzes Jackie finds in her bedroom... I just love seeing these big empty spaces that I can fill in with whatever I want to create something that is complete, and sometimes completely ridiculous.
22. Personality tests bother me. I don't like feeling like I'm being placed in a box. However, as number 11 shows you, I do take them. Mostly because I love filling things out, and I am intrigued by what they have to say about me. I just like to think that there is more to me that those tests don't see.
23. I have an excellent memory. I remember dates, times, names, and faces incredibly well. I often pretend I don't really remember someone when I really actually do so I don't seem like a creepy stalker or anything, but inside, I'm remembering our entire initial conversation and wishing I were more memorable to others.
24. When I was a little girl my grandpa was my best friend. I still think about him a lot and sometimes wonder what he must think of me now as he watches me down here. My biggest regret is that I didn't say good bye to him the night before he died. I'm grateful families are forever so I can see him again someday and apologize for this.
25. The following books are books I find highly important that I think everyone should read: The Book of Mormon, the King James Version of the Bible, The Qur'an, Shakespeare's Hamlet, The Great Divorce by C.S. Lewis, Silence by Shusaku Endo, Wild Swans by Jung Chang, and Christ Stopped at Eboli by Carlo Levi. I have a copy, or can get you a copy of all of these books. I'm serious, read them.

That was hard. Like Ande, I feel there are lots of misplaced commas, but there you go.


Ande Payne said…
I LOVED this post. You are so interesting. Everything you said was either profound or funny or just plain interesting. Loved it. I'm glad you put it up for others to read.

I love TCM too...and Grace Kelly...oh and your those too. Once, after boyfriend 3.0 and I broke up, I bought 3 new pairs of shoes. That was one of the most glorious days of my a very shallow sort of way. Also (this will sound weird) I would wear perfume you invented.

Thanks for the great read!


p.s. That deleted comment was mine. There was a typo that I couldn't stand looking at.
Ruth said…
I love this. (I must say I would much rather read this than what your favorite color is or what you prefer in ice cream, vanilla or chocolate?! Those kinds of emails still circulate promising that we could get to know someone better! ha) You are such a thoughtful writer. I appreciate your insight, wisdom and self awareness!
Docface/Wilbur said…
Wow! Your mother must have been weird to give you so many issues:)
Jimmy Stewart and Cary Grant are my favorites, as you know. I want to make a 25 interesting things list, but I can't think of that many interesting things about myself. Sad, I know.
Renny said…
Ande, "boyfriend 3.0" made me laugh. When I make my perfume I'll send you some :)
Mrs. Maki (for some reason I still can't bring myself to call you Ruth, that seems so presumptuous of me.)Thanks for your supportive comments, they make me want to keep writing.
Mom, it took me days to finish this. Just write a couple things at a time as they come into your head.

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