Whatever Happened to My Transylvania Twist?

So I just finished reading the Twilight Series by Stephanie Meyers. I was getting desperate for something new to read, and since the two books I really want to read right now aren't in the library yet, and I knew I could find the series online I settled on Twilight. I really had no idea what the story was about before, but I had heard so many people say that they loved the books.
When I first started I was happy to note that the main character in the story is from Phoenix originally, honestly, when does Phoenix ever get any love? Never.
Now that I finished I have come to this conclusion, I didn't like these books. I kept reading and while I was reading I didn't really know why I continued. So I thought," that must be the mark of a good book, I want to finish it." I read all three of them. The whole time however, I kept thinking that it was sort of a strange concept for a book, and I just wanted it to get more exciting in other aspects and stop focusing so much on some of the things it kept focusing on. Whats more, the main character, Bella, ended up getting on my nerves, a lot. In some ways I felt I could identify with her, but in others I thought she was so stupidly annoying. So I guess Stephanie Meyers had me fooled.
I wouldn't recommend these books. When I finished I didn't feel that euphoric, bittersweet upsurge of emotions at the sadness of the ending coming much too soon, like I did with Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter. I just couldn't decide if I actually did like it. I don't. Don't read it, give Phoenix love in some other way. I bet in the movie they'll say she is originally from LA or some stupid place like that anyway. Lame.


trentathon said…
I know how you feel about LOTR. When I finished that book, I literally became sad that it was finished. Why couldn't it go on for a little bit more...
Bukran said…
I've only read the first book--it was okay. Vampires tend to make for out-of-the-box literature.

Meghan thought Bella was too whiny in the second book.

I mostly read it to support a BYU alum and to see what all the hubub was about.
La Dolcezza said…
I haven't read the third one yet because Bella is annoying (well, that and school doesn't leave much time for fun reading.)
I did like them, but I don't think they are the best ever written like some people do. The plot is very fast-paced, there is an other-world (alternate reality) escapism to them, and well, she does make both Edward and Jacob sound pretty great even if Bella is whiny.
They are fun, but there are so many other books that are fun AND well written.
Chelsea said…
These have been recommended to me a few times... I guess I wasn't really that interested because vampires are strange. I mean, not that I'm scared of them, I just don't really buy into any sort of fantasy/sci-fi stuff. Never been interested.
Chelsea said…
Oh, I wasn't trying to say "Anyone who reads these is silly" I was actually thinking that now, because of your review, I am less likely to try them out, despite other recommendations. I feel like I can trust your opinion more than some (for things that I will like).
Lil Renny said…
You know Chelm, when I posted this I was thinking of you because I am pretty sure you wouldn't like these books. Bukran, La dolcezza, if you think she's whiny in the second one... in the third one I pretty much hoped she would die. Trent, how did you feel about the LOTR movies?
Bukran said…
Wow...I didn't know I'd acquired an Italian honorific..

I think you should re-title this post, "What Happened to My Transylvanian Tryst?"

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