15 There's Still Time for You

Today is a very special day for my little blog. Not only is this my 100th blog post, it is also the two year anniversary of my first blog post. Allow me to reminisce on the events that brought me to blogging.
I had never really heard of blogs before and suddenly it seemed everyone around me had one. One night, Chelm let me write something on her blog, pretending to be her. I wrote about how she was going home to hear Nate speak in church since he had just gotten home from his mission. At the time the post seemed so funny to me, I was pretty sure I didn't sound anything like Chelm. The funniest part however, was that we tried to post it about four times, and it wouldn't show up. The next day Chelm looked at her blog and there was my post, in all its glory, pretty much taking up the page, it had posted about four times. Chelm left it like that for awhile, but I'm pretty sure that post no longer exists. But I thought, hey, I can do this blog thing.
Now, two years later, I have shared through my blog the invasion of the mice, my days in Hawaii, various and sundry pumpkin parties, breakfast bashes, and concerts, studying for, taking, and not doing as well as I had hoped on the LSAT, and lately, my musings on what I should currently be doing with my life. Although it seems I don't say this enough lately, I have a good life, which I am grateful for, and grateful for all of you that come to this blog and read about it.
So, here is to two more years and 100 more blog posts.


trentathon said…
hip hip, hooray!
Chelsea said…
Wow, such good timing - 100 posts on the two year anniversary. Did you plan that?
Lil Renny said…
Yes, sort of. I noticed a few posts ago that it was going to be very possible, so I decided to do it.

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