Hope Dangles on a String, Like Slow Spinning Redemption

I'm not sure when my affinity for nerds began, having had my first crush at the tender age of five, but looking back, I think he was a nerd too. I can peg when I first became conscious of this love however, and that was back in high school when I saw the first Spiderman movie. There was just something about Peter Parker that made him utterly irresistible.
This is why I love nerds. They are often so unsure of themselves that they don't realize how attractive they are. They are so supremely intelligent, but they're so busy trying to save the world that their grades don't always show it. They talk about the most ridiculous things, but you can't help but love hearing their nerdy conversations and their nerdy interests because they just love it so much that you have to love it too. Even though they often seem unsure of who they are, we'd rather take the one who seems like he doesn't have it together because he is trying to take care of the great responsibility that comes with the power he has been given, even if sometimes we don't understand why that makes him an empty seat.
Nerds also don't know how to express to the girl they love that they love her, thus leaving her feeling hurt and confused sometimes, but when she is around that sweet face with those fantastic glasses perched in front of beautiful deep eyes that she could stare into for hours she feels happy just to be near them.
In the end, the girl just wants the nerd to know, its okay that there are risks. As long as, after you save me from my captors we can engage in a you hanging upside down from a wall while its raining kiss, everything else will be worth it.


Bukran said…
Shucks. I've never been more proud to be a nerd...

I think it's your turn to write a book as well, Renny...this post had all the makings of a hot and heavy nerdy romantic paperback!
lol lindesy youre going crazy just like mom..jki would love you even if your kneecaps fell out while you drving and you crashed and fell into a coma <3 ( that's a heart if you couldn't tell ;))

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