Crayons Can Melt on Us for All I Care

I am copying Kristin. This is my Depressing Playlist for January... whatever today is, I'm not in school and thus don't remember dates.

1. End of the Road, Me First and the Gimme Gimmes
2. Faking My Own Suicide, Relient K
3. The Feel Good Drag, Anberlin
4. Boston, Augustana
5. Even if it Kills Me, Motion City Soundtrack
6. Someone Else's Arms, MAE
7. Broken Heart, Motion City Soundtrack
8. They Perch on Their Stilts, Pointing and Daring me to Break Custom, Saosin
9. Sad Story, Plain White T's
10. Up Against the Wall, Boys Like Girls
11. In Memory, Brightwood
12. Kill, Jimmy Eat World
13. Stupid Memory, Sondre Lerche
14. The Runaways, Anberlin
15. The Promises and the Threat, Evans Blue
16. Down and Out, The Academy Is...
17. I Want to Break Free, Queen
18. Monster, Meg and Dia
19. Miserable at Best, Mayday Parade


Kristin said…
i love it
Kristin said…
I like the new look
Bukran said…
lol...the title of this post reminds me of the time in 3rd grade I got in trouble for melting crayons on the heater...
Chelsea said…
For some reason, the title reminds me of trying to burn ants with a magnifying glass. Not that I ever did that, but I've heard stories.... ;)
Chelsea said…
Good thing your blog has a date stamp since you didn't know the date. Isn't that so nice?
i still think your weird...
Lil Renny said…
Yes Chelm, I am grateful for the date stamp. I think thats why I've been updating so much more lately, so I'll know what day it is.

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