And They All Lived Happily Ever After

I saw the movie "Enchanted" with my little sister during the Christmas break, and it began a whole new thought process for me. I think we all have dating philosophies, mine has molded and changed over the past few years. I have engaged in a few recent discussions with a friend about what our dating philosophies are, and watching this movie added it to. Here is what I have so far, please feel free to add your opinion.
First of all, I think it is important to note that I believe in fairy tales. In my mythology class over the summer we discussed the fact that several different civilizations and religions have similar myths, they all have themes of creation, a Christ figure, a flood. Stories that seem to be hardwired into us for some reason. They all have some level of the fantastic, something that can't be explained by any normal means, it all comes down to the divine intervening either in our behalf or in their own behalf. Fairy tales are no different when you think about it. Boy and girl fall in love and must overcome fantastic odds in order to live happily ever after.
In "Enchanted" two extremes were presented. Giselle was waiting for her prince to come save her so they could get married and experience true love's kiss. She had only known him a day. She only experienced one emotion, happy. Robert was bitter, he didn't believe in true love. He had been dating a girl for five years and decided to get married because they got along fine. He was a lawyer that dealt with divorce, and he didn't want his daughter reading fairy tales. Of course, in typical Disney fashion, he is the one who meets Giselle when she finds herself stuck in our world, in New York City, and they have to learn a lot from each other.
I think the reality of love lies somewhere in the middle, knowing that you love someone and just letting yourself be okay with that. That is what I have learned about love this past year. I would rather be filled with the knowledge that I love someone then feel empty and unhappy because I'm trying to pretend I don't. So I have learned to accept the fact that sometimes, when you love someone, they don't love you back in the same way, but loving someone is putting them before you, and that makes me happier than anything else.. So basically, I think Queen got it wrong, you can find someone to love, its just finding someone that loves you back that is so difficult.
In the end, for me it all comes down to this, someday I will live happily ever after, I just have to overcome fantastic odds to get there, but, I know it'll all be worth it in the end.


trentathon said…
well this begs an interesting question: if two people are known to express love differently, how does one party know that the other person does indeed love him or her if not for excessive communication?
Lil Renny said…
Good question. You should watch Enchanted, she sings a whole song about it.
Steph said…
well didnt you know all my friends are latin!

Actually I dont know.
When are you going to Cali? Update!!!!!1

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