A Winter's Day

The TA's day began as any other. She got up and got ready, and left early with her backpack full of graded papers in hand to do some Christmas shopping before going to meet Nate, who was, inevitably, late.
Then the time came to administer the final to her students. She sat at the front of the room, fielding questions from students who had turned in the final and picked up their paper, wondering why they had gotten the grade they had gotten. Failing to understand that while she had to grade 62 papers, one of the other TAs only had to grade 19, therefore writing comments was an impossible feat.
Finally, it was six PM, she trudged up the stairs, finals in hand, ready to get home and get back to packing and more grading. Coming out of the basement of the JFSB she noticed people entering with familiar white flecks signifying snowfall lightly sprinkled on their heads. She opened the door, and suddenly, as if out of nowhere, a vortex of wind and snow pellets attacked her, literally taking her breath away. She dived back into the building, quickly considering what to do. Her umbrella wasn't with her, she had removed it from her backpack the last time it rained when she had walked to the store with her sister. Her jacket was suede, and could not withstand the elements... or could it?
Thinking quickly the fearless TA grabbed her jacket and turned it inside out so the silk lining was facing outward. She slung her pack back over her shoulders, and placed the jacket atop her head to try to give as much protection as possible. Onward she bravely went. The SWKT was nearby, she could make it, cut through for a brief respite. As she approached the door the wind grew stronger, she dared not look up, lest she lose an eye in this harsh climate. Groping forward she felt the cold handle and wrenched it open. Once inside she brushed herself off, took a quick scan of her jacket, it seemed to be holding up well, and continued onward.
Leaving the SWKT, she knew the JSB was not far, "you can do it, you must!" Again, the wind howled the closer she got to the doors. Once inside she again checked herself, snow pellets were plastered to her clothes. Brushing herself off, she headed toward the south exits, once outside she knew there was no turning back, it was time for, the hill of death. Walking carefully she stayed near the railing. Her elbows were terribly cold at this point, but the track marks of those that had succumbed to the storm before here restrained her from speeding up. The bottom of the hill finally drew near, but where was the cross walk? "Curse Utah and its lack of reflective paint!" She thought violently as she slowed, squinting to find the way, and carefully continued onward. She was almost there, she could see it, 700 N looming ominously before her. Fittingly, Cartel sang into her ear, "you shiver, you shiver at the sight."
She stopped as a wave of headlights washed over her, looking up was nearly impossible, she simply had to wait until it went dark around her, finally her chance came, gingerly stepping out onto the road she did not hear a screech of tires signifying imminent death, feeling encouraged, she continued onward. So close now, all that was left was the skating rink in front of the entrance to her parking lot. Her elbows ached ominously now, she knew they longed for warmth, grabbing onto a fence post she allowed herself to slide along the ice until she reached the parking lot. Then the stairs, which she had nearly slipped down two weeks previous when trying to make her way to the car that would take her to her beloved Anberlin. Stepping firmly onto each step she reached the top, arriving at her door, she thought she was home free, but no! Her cursed roommates had locked the door. Pulling her backpack around she dug into the front pocket until she found it, saying a silent prayer that this time it wouldn't get stuck, she shoved it into the door and heared a click, pushing open the door she nearly collapsed into the living room. She had made it, she was safe, at least until she left again later to drive to Carriage Cove, but she would worry about that when the time came... for now, all was well.


trentathon said…
you forgot to go through the McKay! what kind of a byu do you claim to be?
trentathon said…
'byu grad' is what i meant to type. obviously you don't claim to be a byu, that would be ridiculous
Kristin said…
Gripping prose! I could really FEEl the flakes of snow pelting "the TA" :)

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