Hey, Wait, Knock Me Down and I'll Get Up Again

I think William and Mary has officially been toppled by Boston College. Just so you all know. Oh, I can't find my camera cord... this concerns me because I am certain it is missing since I decided to put it in a "safe" place.
Two days to pumpkin bliss. Tell all your friends, and bring them. After all, it is the highlight of my year.
Today was interesting. Things change a lot in 48 hours. Odd.
C'est Tout! Well actually, I feel like writing some French prose, but I'll refrain for everyone's sake. I have been very bloggy lately, and I never say anything of consequence. I promise, the next post will be very consequential.


trentathon said…
Let's play a game. You complete the reasoning. I have been doing A a lot lately. Next time I A, it will be very ___. Keep in mind that every time I A, it's never B.
Anonymous said…
what time is the PP again? I just bought my pumpkin ingredients today! I can't wait! it's at your apt right?
non-commenting Mom said…
Wow! Your friends really like the alphabet! I love all of your bloggs.
wilbur said…
and you are a commenting-mom now

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