Top Ten Reasons Why My Mom is the Coolest

10) She didn't get mad when I told her I want to go to France, and she was supportive and an asset in my going to Hawaii.
9) She buys me presents, like my mattress topper.
8) She likes to have fun, and endures us when we tease her for some of the funny things she says and does.
7) She always says, "Tell me everything," and means it.
6) She read us "Where the Wild Things Are," and "Make Way for Ducks," when we were little.
5) She read the scriptures with us when we were little
4) She is very smart and is always teaching us things about the gospel.
3) She is humble, and sets a good example for me of how to be.
2) She believes that I can do anything I put my mind to.
1) She is a good example of someone who has charity.

My mom's birthday was yesterday, and I'm very glad she was born. I'm also very glad she is my mom, because she is the coolest. I know many of you are jealous that your mom isn't as cool as mine. Its sad really, that there can be only one mom who is the best mom in the world, luckily, she is my mom. I love you mom, happy birthday.


Mom said…
Thanks sweetie! I love you.
alirara said…
my mom is cooler than your mom!
Chelsea said…
So, you went camping, eh? Where did you go? I hope there were no unfortunate bear-related incidents.
Chelsea said…
And P.S. I like your mom too. I hope she had a swell birthday.
Chelsea said…
Um, I just read your email and you said you were gonna update and so I checked immediatement and you still haven't. What is even up wit' dat?
Anonymous said…
I'm homeless for the fall (long story) you live in Allred right? Do you like it? Do you know of any spots available?

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