I'm So Glad When Daddy Comes Home

I think they need more songs about dads... Anyway, its Father's Day. So I am posting about my dad, because he is the coolest.

Look at him, coolness simply oozes from him. I know I know, you're jealous, and... you should be. Let me tell you some things about my dad. First of all, he is the smartest man I know. He tries to be all modest about this, but really dad, you're not fooling anyone, we all know you're a genius. Second of all, he is hilariously funny. Don't be fooled by his quiet exterior, the man is funnier than anyone else I have ever met, and believe me, I know some pretty funny people. Third of all, he is quite the entertainer. Ask any of my siblings, they will verify this fact. Ward variety shows... he should always be the MC. He usually isn't, and we all concur, nobody is as good at it as he is.

When I was younger I was astounded by the fact that my dad could manage to sound like anyone that was singing on the radio. Seriously, one second he was Elvis, the next he was Buddy Holly, then all of a sudden he was Bob Dylan. Can your dad do that? I think not. Moreover, my dad can build anything. No, I'm really not even kidding. He has built us bunk beds, he built my mom an island in her kitchen, have you ever done that? I'm gonna go with no. Now he is building himself a shed in our backyard. The list of other things he has built is endless. And let me just say, he is no shoddy workman, not only does he build things, but he builds it right, and he builds to last.

But, sorry I just started a sentence with but... let me tell you my favorite thing about my dad. He is my hero. He takes care of my family and any time I need a blessing I know he can give it to me, because he has, numerous times. Physically, my dad is very strong, ask my brothers, he can still beat them arm wrestling, and they are no weaklings themselves. Spiritually however, my dad's strength is astounding. He is always teaching, whether it be verbally in Family Home Evening, or simply by his example of righteousness. In fact, I used him as such today in Relief Society. So, I am grateful for my dad because to me he is a great example and emulation of what my Father in Heaven is like.

So, I have met a number of cool dads in my lifetime. I have grown especially fond of many of my friends fathers, and I think they're great. In the end however, my dad is the best. So happy father's day dad. I don't tell you this enough, but I am proud of you too. Stay cool.


Dad said…
That's my baby!
alirara said…
my dad is better than your dad!
Chelsea said…
I like your dad. Do you like my new profile picture?
Lil Renny said…
Yes, its a very striking likeness, did you draw it yourself?
Chelsea said…
Yes, I drew that picture. I drew one of Paul too, but it doesn't look quite like him. He thinks it does, but I would like to perfect it a bit more before releasing it to the public and letting him use it as his profile pic.

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