I Love to See the Temple

Yeah, they're pretty cool. In all honesty, I've never actually been inside the Boise temple, but we did take pictures there, so I thought I'd add it.


Mom said…
How beautiful. I could add the Swiss temple, Fresno, Las Vegas, Oakland, Los Angeles and Tahiti. I received my endowments in the Provo temple, and I've never seen the Boise. It would be wonderful to see them all. This summer I finally will see the Nauvoo Temple. I wish you were going to be there too. Stupid school sometimes!
Mom said…
I have also been on the outside of the Manti Temple. I didn't go in the Tahiti, but took pix.
Chelsea said…
I like temples. I am glad you put all those on there. It is refreshing in the world of blogs.

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