Idaho... Not Like Those Common Taters

Alright, so I stole that joke... it was funny so get over it. Anyway, here are some pics from our trip to Boise. It was way fun. We hiked Bogus Basin, and then on Sunday we took pics at the temple and this park called Albertson Park. Good times, and tons of pics. But I'll just post a few of my favs.

I hope this was sufficient timing for you Chelm.


Bukran said…
Bogus Basin? Reminds me of when I traversed Crock Canyon a few years back...
CS said…
Why, of course this was good timing. I gave you two weeks. You get five extra credit points.

You're right. School is getting to me.
Lil Renny said…
Yes! Five Extra Credit Points!! I love my life.
Alexander said…
Congrats on having experienced the capitol of the Gem State. I am sure your experience will leave an indelible impression.

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