Moms. they're so rad

So I read Chelm's post and it inspired me. My mom is pretty much the coolest ever. And even though I already sent her a card thanking her for all that she has done for me, I thought, hey, everyone else ought to be jealous that they don't have my mom for their mom, except Chelm, cause we have the same mom.
Anyway, I would like to just take a moment to express my hearfelt thanks that my mom does so much for me and my sibs, and that she endures all that we put her through, because the reason that the Reynolds clan is so cool is because my mom demands that we behave that way, otherwise, everyone would think we were weird ( or maybe they still do...)
So, here is to good moms everywhere, that make their kids toe the line, yell at them when they need it, listen to them when necessary, and help them grow up into good people that learn to love and serve those around them because of the good example that their mom set for them all of their lives.


docface1 said…
Dear Daughter;
Thank you for being the cool daughter that you are. You make me look good. I love you. Send more pictures of Hawaii because as you know I am living the polynesian life vicariously through you. Love, docface1

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