Ah mice,and all manner of mischief

So here is part of a letter that I wrote to my brother recounting the events of previous evenings in my life.
'So, a couple of weeks ago I woke up at about ten minutes to six to Al yelling, " you dirty little rodent!" I heard Meghan laughing and so I thought she was talking to her. Then she screamed. I was a little salty because it was 6 in the morning and Chelsea was sick. So I walk out of my room and say, "Could you guys be quiet, Chelsea is sick!" To which Meghan responds, "there are two mice in our apartment." I went back to bed thinking, " dang it, I have never had a rodent problem, and now we have two! What in the world!" Well then I hear rustling coming from Chelsea's side of the room and I look up and Chelsea isn't moving. So I get out of bed and go out to the living room and Alex and Meghan aren't there. So I go next door ( its 6:30 now.) And ask Miriam if she has seen them and she says no. I told her that apparently there were mice in our apartment. Then I go back and Meghan and Al are home and I'm like, "where did you guys go?" Meg says,"We went to free the mice!" Then she tells me they were store bought. They were white and brown speckled and very glossy and clean. Then I see a pink little nose poking out from under the oven. I'm like,"There is another one!" I thought, ok... how in the world did three mice get into our apartment! Then I go and sit on the couch and there is another one in the pillow. Meg goes to the silverware drawer to get out a knife to slice some cheese to lure the one out from under the oven and there is ANOTHER ONE!! Are you counting, that is five mice so far. Well when that happened I knew that Steve and his apartment had somehow planted them in our apartment the night before. I walked out the door and yelled," I'm going to KILL THEM!" It was about 6:45, I see the blinds to Steve's bedroom move ever so slightly and I just point my finger and glare. Then I incessantly began calling their apartment to ask them how many mice there were. They kept denying it. They were like, " nope sorry, you guys are loud." We checked the bathroom and found a sixth one in the bathtub. That day I walked with Steve up to campus and he was like," I wish I could take credit for that prank, that is genius!" Well of course we woke the entire complex up and our apartment smelled like mice and it took about two hours to catch them all and clean the stupid apartment up so it wouldn't smell anymore. That night we had a ward activity and Chelsea left at a different time than us. Steve and his roommates still hadn't admitted to doing it, and I was worried that there was still some mouse scurrying around our apartment. Chelm calls my phone and tells me that she is locked out and would Meg and I be home soon because she had a story to tell us. So I get home and she says,"I know it was apartment nine!" And shows me her key, which has a number 15 on it. All of our keys have our apartment numbers on them. So this is what happened.Steve had stopped by our apartment the day before when only Chelmo was home and told her that he had found some keys in his apartment, and could he check hers to see if the guys keys looked different from the girls keys. So she gave him her keys and then says, "well the number is on it actually." But it was too late. He stayed there talking to her for a few minutes while he switched they keys on her keyring and then before he left he said, "Oh, here, I still had your keys." She told me that and that night someone was having a birthday party and I was teasing Steve for not noticing that the number of the apartment was on the key. The key belonged to his home teacher who had left his keys there months ago and they had never returned them and poor James had had to get all new keys made. Well Chelm didn't use her keys that night so she didn't notice the switch. And Steve and his roommate Nate came into our apartment at about 3 AM and set six mice loose. They tossed one into Al and Meghan's room, so it probably crawled all over them in the night.So that is the mouse story. Pretty genius right? Well, I couldn't let them get away with it. So I started plotting my revenge right away. Well, magically, I got Steve's keys, I knew he'd be the weak link. Oh man, it was glorious. I just sat there and held them for a little while, and I knew that God loved me. So I hid his keys in my room for about two weeks. One night I knew they were all planning on going on this big group date. So we walked in and we put fish in their sinks. We put some under their dirty dishes so that they wouldn't notice them for awhile. Then I filled their shower head up with Kool-aid and removed their bathroom door and shower curtain. Then I set the V-chip on their T.V. so they could only watch programs that were rated TV-Y and G rated movies. Then we removed their lightbulbs and hid them and switched the circuit breaker so that even after they got them in they still wouldn't work. Steve storms into my apartment at about 10:30 and he is like, "I need lights! Where are they!!!" I'm like, "I have no idea what you're talking about." Then he said," Well can I borrow some of yours if you're not using them?" I laughed and said that all of our lights were currently occupied. He said," I'll take my pride and leave." And I said," I'm pretty sure your pride never showed up!" It was so great. Except the Kool-aid thing didn't work for some reason, I don't know why. But still it was so satisfying to walk right into their apartment after all of their talk of,"we're so careful, you're never going to get in. Its impossible, you can't get us back." HAHA!! Well, I did and it was great. And they're lucky cause I had wanted to put a fish in the vent and I wanted to put itching powder in Nate and Steve's beds, but I didn't have any and didn't have time to get it. It was so great. One of the most glorious moments of my life. Steve still has no idea how I got his keys, and I love it.'
Anyway, I promised that I would post that story, so that people could read it over and over. While I realize that their prank outpranks ours, just the fact that I showed them up and got into their apartment makes me feel that I won!
Hopefully I figure out how to post pictures soon so that you can all revel in jealousy as you look at all the pics I'll be taking in Hawaii! Hope everyone had a fabulous Easter! I know I did!


Bukran said…
The mice prank was genius. I shall never forget that fateful morning when I was awakened by L'il Renny's cursings of us. "I'm going to KILL THEM! lol That was our finest hour at The Brittany. We still won that round of pranks. Yeah, the Kool-Aid failed miserably. Any 7th grade pranker knows that boullion cubes are the way to go! Amateurs...
Lil Renny said…
In my defense, boullion cubes were out of my price range at the time. I was just imagining Sterling with red streaks of kool-aid running down his face. Man, that would have been hilarious.

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