Angry Roommates

So I am actually the angry roommate. And I'm actually not angry at any of my roommates, but I'm angry. Well I was that is, last night. I love my job. It's a lot of fun. I only work two hours a night and I enjoy bussing tables actually, it makes the time pass by quickly and I work with a lot of cool people. They are fun, and hilariously funny. However, I do not think that my manager/supervisor-Mamma Pat as I so lovingly refer her- could manage a popsicle stick. I needed to tell you all that so that I may go to work tonight, and if she pulls any dumb stunts like she did last night I will be able to remain calm, and not tell her to calm down, but simply sincerely apologize for my "wrong" actions and ask myself what I can do to make the Polynesian Cultural Center a better place. Its not that I dislike Patricia, but she isn't my mom, or my aunt.
In other news, I sent my film in to get developed, and so my next posting will finally have pictures, I am sincerely sorry for being so lax in my responsibilities, but I have a presentation tomorrow, and in all honestly, I am extremely nervous for it. I don't know why, I often make presentations, and they go well, and I don't mind talking in front of a bunch of people, in fact I somewhat enjoy it. However, I will be much happier when tomorrow is over. Well, let me rephrase that, I'm quite happy thank you very much, but I will be less nervous, actually, I will no longer be worried at all.


Kristin said…
oh L-dawg, what an experience. just think of the good stories that come from it ;) (that's a wink)
Kristin said…
you think yer cute with the bored comments don't you. huh? HUH? that's what I thought sas master.

Ok, so what if I'm bored out of my mind. the more bored I am the better the movie will be.

Lol.. I love that I'm talking up this movie so much. Basically its like the last one. Pictures to music. but its of us, so how could if fail?
Kristin said…
it fail, not if. at least we've both written stupid things now. and I can't believe i actually wrote yer. shoot me now. no really... do it.
ccortez said…
Kristin, I have only one thing to say to you: "Thank yer, ladies and gentlemen".
But Lindsey, I do have coments for you. Where are your pictures? Sorry Mamma Pat hates you. But you just wait till summer term Gateway will be smashed, Ambassador will be smashed, she won't be able to send Gateway over to Ambassador. She sent Jen and Marielle home yesterday. I was a witness.
Lil Renny said…
She is such a vondrook

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